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Court Records

Millions of court records from around the country provide a detailed look into a person's past criminal, traffic, and civil cases.

Criminal History

Find detailed recent and historical arrest records from any state. Records include mugshot, charges, and physical description.

License Lookup

Search our professional licensure database, including license number and status for contractors, physicians, and more.

Sex Offender Check

Check your local area for registered sex offenders, see their photos and physical description, and view their compliance status.

Property Records

Look up ownership history, tax assessments, and property descriptions for properties and lot parcel numbers.

Death Records

Search data from the Social Security Administration's master death file, including date of birth, date of death, and social security number.


A budding database of marriage records from across the country helps you stay informed.


A growing database of divorce records from across the country helps you stay informed.


We search over a million active arrest warrants when preparing your report.